Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Owls are Hunting

Ok, so the other morning I was going through my emails and like most other mornings, there was the daily update from Decor8. Now, I love Decor8, but most of the time I look through designers portfolios from all around the world, or read about a photographer from the US with a kind of detached admiration. But this particular morning I stopped and scrolled back. These gorgeous lampshades were calling out to me - "look at me, look at me". They are right up my alley (most of you already know that I have a thing for pom-poms) but I assumed they were from some little etsy shop out of the States and would be in the too hard basket for my Australian clients. Well, you can imagine my reaction when I saw that the company who creates them, The Owls are Hunting, is based in Canberra! Yay!

Jo Kent is the creative force and leading light behind The Owls are Hunting. She creates beautiful, handmade lamps and lampshades using vintage and new materials. She also restores the bases so you can buy the whole lamp from her. You can get more info from and purchase them on made it.

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