Monday, March 21, 2011

Help needed for a family who is going through a tough time.

Hi everyone, today I am appealing for help. I recently read a story in my local paper about a family who desperately needs some help.The link to the story is here. Liz Evans has multiple brain tumours and two young boys. The family has had to move out of their house and neighbourhood, to a house which needs a lot of work, in another part of Sydney. Her colleagues at the Pittwater RSL appealed for help renovating the house, and I put my hand up to try to make the kids' rooms brighter. So far we have had a car bed donated for one of the boy's rooms and I have a doona cover to donate for the younger boy in an airplane pattern. I now need decor items to match these- I'm thinking wall letters, wall stickers, art work, anything car or plane themed that could fit in. I will post a photo of the car bed (something I am sure will be the envy of little boys everywhere...) and the doona cover for the other boy's cot. Let me know if any of you can help!!!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Hugs and Inspiration

Hi everyone- Happy New Year! I hope everyone enjoyed their Christmas break and is settling back into the daily grind. Now that my youngest has started school I am adapting to having a bit of extra time on my hands, but I am sure I won't have a problem filling up the days. My first post this year is about a lovely new company, Hugs and Inspiration. They do lovely artwork for children's rooms. The artwork is lovely and the beautiful frames are made from Australian hardwood. The website will be launched mid Feb, but in the meantime you can check out their stuff on their facebook page or buy it through Bubba Bling. Enjoy!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Lovely Lady Luck Lampshades

Hello everyone - yet again I have been neglecting my blog, but hope to get things back on track very soon. Meanwhile, I was contacted by Irene from Lady Luck Lampshades about their great range of shades and thought I would share them with you. They have a fab children's range, and I'll show you a few photos of my favourites, but they do a great range for all rooms of the house.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

My Top 5 storage tips for your child's room- for real children

You may recall that in my last post I mentioned that I am doing a blogging course. I am finding it very inspiring and it is really making me think about how I want my blog to be and how I can make it more enjoyable for my readers. Hopefully in the next few months you will start to see the fruits of my labour in that course come into play here. Please let me know if you have any comments, criticisms or suggestions- and also if there is anything you'd like to see me cover.

As part of our homework this week, we have been asked to come up with a list of our top tips or suggestions in our area of expertise. I thought I would share my top 5 tips for storage in children's rooms, not just from an interior designer's perspective, but also from a mother's perspective. We have all had a quiet chuckle looking at beautiful photos of kids rooms and thought "yeah, but give it half an hour with my 5 year old then see what it looks like." Well, the chance of keeping it looking good is in direct proportion to how much storage you have. So, here are my top 5 mother tips to having a great looking kids room.

1) You don't have to use wardrobes for clothes. I used old school lockers in Jake's room for clothes storage.(see the picture above taken from his Shop 4 Kids shoot) As a boy he really doesn't have much to hang up so everything can be folded. I wouldn't recommend this for girls though because as soon as they can stand up they need hanging space for all those dresses! In my experience, girls seem to need about twice as much clothes storage as boys. I know, it's not fair, but they do. In Lola's room I have a huge chest of drawers and a small-ish wardrobe. You could also think about drawers under the bed (try Domayne's Charlie bed) , bookcases with pull out sections to use for clothes as well as open shelves for books and toys, like Ikea's Expedit System (see above). Just remember, whatever you choose needs to be accessible. You will hate any storage system that requires you to be a contortionist whenever you have to put the laundry away!

2)Put away clothes (and toys) you don't use. Store the out of season clothes in drawers under the bed, in the attic, in vacuum bags, anywhere but with the rest of the clothes,. It just makes life so much easier to keep them separate. If you can do this with toys too then that's great, but I find that the "rotate the toys" system really only works for very young children. Over about the age of 3, the minute you store one of their toys it will be required for immediate use and you'll be getting it out again,

3)Cull, cull, cull. Every time you change the clothes over for the season, get rid of the stuff that is too small, worn out or simply not likely to ever be worn again. If they didn't wear it this season, they are unlikely to ever wear it again, so give it away, sell it on ebay or donate it to charity. If you can convince your child to do the same with old toys, you are very lucky. I sometimes offer to buy a new small toy for every 10 old ones donated to charity (or to a younger friend.) I also point out to my kids that if Santa thinks you have too many old toys that you don't play with, he might not bring many new ones. Mean mummy, but it usually works for a pre-Christmas clean up.

4) Give kids room to store their junk. My kids have several tubs with lids on that they can store all their own bits and pieces that I would be inclined to chuck out. McDonalds toys, broken hairclips, unidentified craft projects, you name it, they go in there. Then every 6 months or so they go through it and get rid of the things that aren't important anymore. What seems like junk to us can be very precious to small children- it's important to remember this, and give them somewhere to put it all where it won't drive you crazy.

5) Bulletin boards. My kids are not allowed to stick things on the wall, but my son in particular is a huge hoarder of every flier, party invitation, canteen menu, business card etc that he comes across (his favourite store is Officeworks- do I need to say any more?) We put up cork bulletin boards on the back of the kids doors and they can put whatever they want up on them. (Although I drew the line at the Jim Beam bumper sticker- I mean, he's 6!) And unless I am in their rooms with the doors closed, I don't have to look at them, and no-one knows they are there.
If you want to try to pretty them up, cover them in fabric to match the decor.

There you go- hope that helps! And remember, although it sometimes seems easier to let the kids rooms slide into disarray, the more you teach them to keep them tidy, the more likely it is to eventually sink in, and they will do it themselves. That's the thought that's keeping me going, anyway!

Sunday, September 5, 2010


Hi everyone- sorry I have been missing in action for so long! The last month has sort of gotten away from me, but hopefully I will be posting a lot more soon. I am about to start a blogging course with run by the fantastic Holly Becker from decor8. I am very excited about getting into this course- it seems like it will be amazing. Anyway, I think that will keep me a bit busy for the next 4 weeks but hopefully you will all notice a transformation of my blog by the time I've finished!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Tim Crawshaw's fabulous "arty farty" photographs.

When a photographer releases a collection of prints called the "arty farty" package, it's a pretty safe bet that their work has a sense of humour about it. Tim Crawshaw's lovely photographs printed on canvas are vibrant and fun, and would look brilliant in a kid's room or playroom. Imagine how stunning the pink pipe and the clothes pegs would look in a white room, with cushions or furniture in co-ordinating colours. Teens would also love these pictures, and the website has lots more to choose from. Prices start at $795, so they are an investment piece, but your child will never out grow them, and they would look fabulous anywhere in the house. Check out the whole collection, plus packages like the "arty farty" collection at

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Sleepi Spaces Moses Baskets

Nothing satisfies that nesting instinct more than choosing your baby's first bed. What expectant mother has not spent many happy moments smoothing down the covers of that little bassinette or Moses basket, dreaming of the baby who would fill it. (Most of us are not dreaming about the many hours we will spend trying to get the baby to actually go to sleep in the bed but that's the beauty of hormones....)

Sleepi Spaces Moses Baskets launched in May of this year, and they make a lovely option for that all important first bed. They come with a babysafe mattress, mattress protector, fitted sheet, matching minky backed blanket and a large dust storage bag. You can choose from the classic fixed stand or the Sleepi Rocker, and both come in a choice of natural timber or ivory. Sets start from a very reasonable $340.