Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Sleepi Spaces Moses Baskets

Nothing satisfies that nesting instinct more than choosing your baby's first bed. What expectant mother has not spent many happy moments smoothing down the covers of that little bassinette or Moses basket, dreaming of the baby who would fill it. (Most of us are not dreaming about the many hours we will spend trying to get the baby to actually go to sleep in the bed but that's the beauty of hormones....)

Sleepi Spaces Moses Baskets launched in May of this year, and they make a lovely option for that all important first bed. They come with a babysafe mattress, mattress protector, fitted sheet, matching minky backed blanket and a large dust storage bag. You can choose from the classic fixed stand or the Sleepi Rocker, and both come in a choice of natural timber or ivory. Sets start from a very reasonable $340.


  1. Hi Carmen,

    I am from the BYW class. It's amazing, isn't it. These are so darling. I love the simplicity, nothing too crazy and froufrou! Delightful! I am looking forward to venturing around your blog more. :)

  2. I want to say that I slept in a laundry basket in the beginning. The basket went through my brothers and sister, my three daughters and all of my seven grandchildren. When it is not in use for babies it has uses like doll beds.

    a BYW student. Good luck. Hasn't this been great?