Monday, October 5, 2009

Woodland Animals Theme Room

It's been ages since my last post- the last month has been taken up with getting my house ready to put on the market and being busy doing several online room designs for new clients. One of the room designs themes I've been working on is an Woodland Animals theme. I thought I'd share some of the cute items I've found along this theme. Such a nice idea for an animal loving little girl! The beanbag and the height chart are from Cocoon Couture and distributed by Bubba Bling and the bedlinen is from Treehouse. I'll share some of my other great finds very soon!


  1. I Love the mushroom decals on the wall. Is there anyway you can share where u found them?? Thanks! - Lacy

  2. Hi Lacey- they are from Treehouse- that photo is from the Treehouse website- I only used the bedlinen in my room design. Cheers, Carmen